Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Blogging Wii Will Go

Oh my, my!

I am gonna give this a whirl.

Both of my computers are down right now and I am about to snap. I am writting one letter at a time via my daughter's Wii. This may take some time...


Who knew what an important part my blogging would play in my sanity and creativity. But it does!

I also did not realize how dependant my family had become on the internet, especially me. So many aspects of our houehold hing on some sort of connection through the World Wide Web, Memory Space aka RAM, USB and other interdependant items. I have beome spoiled by the convience of technology... lazy if you would ablidge me. It is actually pretty scary how reliant on computers my life has become. Who was I kidding thinking I was becoming more “self-reliant” and self sustainable.

Hmmm... maybe I was missing the point.

Maybe, I simply need to start with “self” and then “think globally and act locally.”

I went to bed early last night and was reading (Anne of Green Gables, one of my mom's favorites & on Mary's reading list) anyway...

When my husband came to bed our friendly, nightly battle between light and noise began. Well, noise won last night. We, cought the tail end of the State of the Union Address and the Republican response and some other NPR commentary and BBC. I have, over the past many years kept most of my political views to myself. Taking the advice that if you want to keep conersation civil and polite, stay away from the subjects of religion and politicts. I suppose I am choosing to cast civility aside this morning. I may come to regret this. Oh well...

After listening to the hours worth of NPR that the sleep button allows, I have been left with some very interesting thoughts.
I will TRY to be brief and leave much to the imagination. Mostly because I am typing via a Wii without spell check but also cuz thats just the way I am.

I will start with saying...

Dag! WTF...

I HATE politics and spin doctors!

Where is the grey?

In a country made up of such diversity, how in the world, do we expect a broken two party system to work. Thats how Wars start over oil while people sleep, nod and buy whatever our government is selling. Right? “Self” included. Granted it was more like paying than buying... you know kinda like taxes.

Any who...

What ever happened to: Respecting our president, Children not talking back to adults and “for the people by the people”.

Did I miss something?

Who has the solution? Which History Book are you “buying” or are you leaving that up to someone else to decide?

How did this great country of ours begin?

How far back do we go?
Back when we were one super continent, after migration and evolved mankind (as if, it were done), after British colonization, indentured, Indian and African slaves, or would it begin after we dumped a bunch of tea in some harbor up north because some folks were tierd of paying taxes on it? Didn't it have something to do with importing and exporting?

Or maybe it would begin after we kicked some red coat ass with a little help from our French fry friends? Or wait a minute, maybe we should begin after a bunch of slave owning yankees conveniences a nation and historians to start a war over oil... I'm sorry did I say oil, I mean slavery. Now what if that “civil” war was over oil, cotton, tea, taxes, corn, big business or big government. Would it change anything? What if black is white and white is black and truth is somewhere in the grey.

Has anyone heard the expression “watch out for the tail that wags the dog”?

Let us not be “stupid americans”, let us “we the people” slumber no more.

Please let's define Democracy and Republic before we vote, buy, pay or sell.

Money, mongo, monarchy, mono, monocle, monomania, monopoly and monotony ... where do these words derive?

From another once great civilization that fell after becoming to big for their own good. Latin may be a dead language but it sure has endured throughout time to influence many languages around the world and most especially the English langage.

If you have stuck with me throughout my rambles you may wonder, what's my point? Well, I suppose my is this...

What is it that we really want, who's really in change and how much responsibility are each of willing to take?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

I don't know and quite frankly I dont care, y'all can argue about it if you want. What I do know is this, a hen doesn't need a rooster to lay an egg. But you wont have eggs long if somebody somewhere doesn't have a rooster.

Yikes, I better go tend to “MY” chickens.

Shew... my thumb and wrist are sore!

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