Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekends are Good for the Soul

My weekend was full of all kinds of interesting tidbits. My weekend started on Friday with a good dose of humble pie accompanied with having my septic tank pumped out. I hope I do not need to explain the symbolism for either.

As much as I would like to say that my little patch of paradise, smack dab in the middle of an industrial park was completely with out its draw backs... I can not. It certainly has it's perks ... like being able to have certain pets that most folks can not have in the town of Kill Devil Hills because under certain guidelines, I have no "residents" within an allotted parameter.

In a light industrial zoned area, if a business abuts a residential property it is required to erect a privacy fence between the two property. However not all people follow the "rules" or they do the absolute minimum. Well, you know the expression... "Good fences make good neighbors" I am here to say... I agree 100%. Many years ago (about 7 ) our "neighbor" erected a "not so great fence", after cutting down the most beautiful live oak tree I have ever seen, it must have been over 300 years old. I have grown a few white hairs over this fence for one reason or another over the years. However mostly they were over loose critters or blowing trash. So, last week my husband and I asked ourselves if we would rather be "RIGHT" or "HAPPY". We chose "HAPPY"!

That's a Fence

45 down and only 203 to go

So we started building our own fence. Let's see Lexi and Roscoe get through this one.

Koi Bowl

This is made with a very small bushel gourd

Not to bad for a first attempt. It is going to definitely take some getting use to the speed and weight of the dremel. But I think it is going to look nice when I am finished with this piece.

Another Gourd Bowl

This gourd still has more work to be done. I sure do like when "work" is so much fun!


We did some rearranging in the yard this weekend also. This gazing ball and hand-carved stand found a new home with Buddha on the other side of the pond. I rather like the shift.


This is the first time this Iris has ever bloomed. And I have had it for many years. It was worth the wait. this one stem, must have 6-7 blooms. Absolutely beautiful.
It definately is a reminder to me that all good things in all good time.

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