Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In God's Time not Mine

So yesterday Bill goes out to the hen house to gather up some questionable eggs from some broody hens that he thought couldn't make up their mind...
He sticks his hand into a nesting box with 2 Golden Lace Wyandottes setting and they proceed to peck the daylights out of him...
He pokes his head out and says to me... "Debbie, you are not gonna believe this... I reached in to grab the eggs and these two hens started pecking me like crazy... there's 3 little peeps in there".
So we ended our evening pitching practice and proceeded to do some chicken wrangling. As much as those two hens protested, I picked them both up and placed them on the ground and started moving chicks to the floor level in the coop... and then we carefully started moving the remaining eggs down as well... 2 of which were already starting to hatch.
Let me tell you, there are more than 3 baby chicks.
So, this morning when I got up to let the chickens out... what do I have the opportunity to witness, yep...
A peep breaking through it's shell... Momma pecking at tiny bits to help it on it's arrival.
WOW!!!! It was awesome.. what a great way to start the morning.
Communal Hens

Get Off My Back, Buddy!

Look at this poor bitties back... that dang rooster wasn't going to leave her alone. No wonder she decided to go broody.

Time Share

Ok, there are so many of these peeps, I suppose it makes sense to do some community parenting. These little peeps keep going back and forth between these two ladies. Since I only put the eggs in one place I suppose they designated one for setting and the other to tend to the peeps once they have hatched... unless they divided the eggs up when I wasn't looking.

What's in a Name?

The Green Gourd

A North Carolina Folktale

C.W. Hunter ~ Tony Griego

So, this is where the name Green Gourd Creations originated. From a North Carolina Folk Tale. There are many versions and variations of this tale, however this is one of my favorites.

Now, most people think I came up with the name Green Gourd Creations because green is my favorite color (which it is) and because I "do" gourds. But to let the cat out of the bag, there is much more to it than that. Especially since I "do" much more than gourds.

Here is a brief snapshot of the book...

"One day while she was scoopin' water with her gourd dipper, she dropped it into the stream. Before she could yell 'Oh, law!' the current carried that dipper clean away."

"Now she needed a dipper awful bad. So directly she went to the gourd vine by her house"

"It was loaded with dipper gourds all green and glossy, like ornaments strung on a Christmas tree. But not a one was ripe."

"Now, thereabouts the saying went, 'Never pull a green gourd afore it's ripe, or it'll witch ye sure.' But the old woman paid that no mind a-tall. She needed a dipper awful bad."

Now this tale goes on to tell how this gourd begins to start a ruckus ... it comes to life and chases folks and "fumping" them on the head. She finally crosses the path of a young boy who helps her bring the chaos to a stop and does the green gourd in.
This is how the story ends.

"Then the old woman waited a good spell to make herself a new gourd dipper. 'Cause she knew fer fact - Never pull a green gourd afore it's ripe, or it'll witch ye sure."

For me it was the perfect name and thus..

Green Gourd Creations

was conceived.

These are just a few of the items that I will be putting in my shop.

Ear-flap Hat

Don't be fooled... this is a hat for
an 18" doll.

My Gourd-jus Gals

Bad Kitty

The gourd gals and this cat are some of my older pieces that I had stored away. Thought it was time to dust them off and put them back out there.

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