Thursday, January 19, 2012

1-19-2012 Etsy Favorites

Labradorite Ring 

This ring is made from recycled 14k yellow gold and sterling silver.
and what a beautiful free form, rose cut Labradorite stone.

This sister stone to the moonstone.

Blue Lagoon Upcycled Pants

Yummy... comfy lounging pants!
I can so see myself wearing these in my garden.

Recycled Burlap Pillows

I put this pillow in my favorites because I love the German phrase
(pulling from the few words I actually picked up while I was in Germany as an exchange student many years ago)
but when I was putting the post together I ran across this pillow...
OK, this is just to dang funny

I also love this shop name!

Blue Eco-Tote

I love, love, love the recycled feed bag totes and handbags!
See why I love these Layena bags?
The colors ...
and that chicken...
remind me of 
my girls. 


Can ya tell the difference in the doms and the rocks?
To non chicken folk...
the differences may be a little hard to notice.

However one...
you can't tell until they lay an egg!

I hope you all enjoyed my picks for today and will check out their shops.
There are many wonderful things to check out and be inspired by.

Many thanks for stopping in!


Mama Lusco said...

Thank you! Your Dom is a pretty hen :) I have 10 assorted hens and love all the different color eggs.

Green Gourd Creations said...

Thank you...
I have an assortment as well... (2)Doms, (3)Ameraucanas, (2)Golden Laced Wyandotte, (1)Welsummer, (1)Danish Brown Leghorn and a few mix breeds but the Dominiques are my absolute favorite... however, I am really fond of the Wyandottes too. If I had to do it all over again... I would probably try to stick with one breed though. To keep the bickering to a minimum... you know that whole comb envy thing. That is if I could ever pick just one breed... cuz I like the different color eggs too. Who am I kidding... I will always have a motley crew.