Thursday, January 5, 2012

Giveaway Deadline

Etsy Favorites

Today, I have decided to not put together a feature post.

I want to promote the  

Audrey and Tracey are a mother and daughter team out of Monterey, California.

Audrey is 50 and Tracey is 15.
And love the fiber arts.

They have graciously donated one of their pieces for my first ever giveaway.

Today is your last chance to leave a comment to win one of their handmade 

Eco Friendly Arm Warmers

you have until midnight tonight EST
to leave a comment.

You can leave a comment here on this new post or on the original post.

You may also leave a comment on my Facebook page on any of the 
"Giveaway" Threads.

For those who have not ever done anything like this
don't be afraid!

You don't have to write any elaborate comment... 
a simple emotion icon will do.

We are not asking for your first born child or anything...

a simple comment, that's all.

I will put all the entries in a bowl and pick a winner.
At that point I will announce the 
and contact you.

I will then give your mailing information to 
Audrey and Tracey 
and they will send you your gift.

It's that simple!

So come on folks 
show Tracey , Audrey and myself 
your support and a let us know that you
are out there
and even reading this blog.

Leave a comment and WIN!

If you don't think you will look absolutely smashing in these arm warmers yourself...
I suppose you can always give them to someone special as a gift.

So,  let's here from Ya'll!

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