Friday, February 3, 2012

This one's for you Susan...

Ole Bessie

We've been having some issues with this ole gal.
It seems that I am not the only one not wanting to get rolling in the mornings.
A couple mornings she has not wanted to start at all.
A day off, and several slow starts.
We still have not found the cause... but we are finding out what it isn't!

Morning Routine

As I have alluded to in previous posts...
I have been having some serious motivational hurdles to overcome.

So, I have set up a little morning ritual in the hopes of building upon.
I have had many morning rituals in the past 
but it seems that lately 
I have allowed just about anything that pertains to my well being 
to come a little low on the priority list.

do something about this!

Setting Goals

I need to be successful, so I start simple.
Very simple!

There is so much that I 
"to do"...
that it can sometimes become so overwhelming that I don't even know where to start
so I don't.
So, week before last I gave myself a little direction.
And today, I am keeping it basic
and getting my solid foundation established then I can build on it.

Last week was a tuff week for me.
I had a doctors appointment that set me back a little, emotionally.

So, some...

Chicken Soup 

for the soul!
Daily Bread

A little burnt and crispy around the edges...
but oh so good!

Add a dash of some good old fashion prayer and meditation
and I'm moving in the right direction.

Back in the Saddle

Mary played her first basketball game last weekend and her second game Tuesday night.
It will take her a little while to get back up to speed but she is back in the game...
figuratively and literally.

Looking Good

Signs of Spring

In February?

The first day of February and we have signs of spring already popping up every where.


These guys are slow to go...
I put them in the ground last fall for a winter harvest.
I have to tell you, I didn't think I had anything left at all in my garden.
It's those
Dang Chickens!

The draw backs of Free Range Chickens in an urban~ish environment.

They seem to lay waste to just about everything I put in the vegetable garden these days.
It is very frustrating.
However, I say this every year and they seem to get away with veggie murder!
I really need to think about creating a little garden patch just for them.
I thought that the chickens had completly destroyed my winter garden 
(eating all the seeds that I put out) 
and wrote it off.

Then last week I went out to asses how much work I had in store for me to get the garden ready for spring planting when I came across the carrots and these

This makes me feel motivated.
I will give them some yummy compost tea and have some early carrots and maybe enough beets for ONE meal.
Preparing the Beds

Hopefully I can start turning and amending the beds 
this weekend if we don't get a washed out!
I will also be doing some new chicken proofing.
I love my girls...
but dang leave me some veggies PLEASE!

Tease, Tease, Tease...

With no more word about whether or not they will 
"pave paradise and put up a parking lot"
I continue life ...
"as if"
Even though I started digging up my perennials last fall 
I can't help it...
I have
Spring Fever

I pulled out my old planting diagrams and my NC extension seed planting dates.
Going through my seeds and making a wish list.
Woo Hoo... I love spring!
It is also time to get those potatoes for the hubby.
I think I am going to try something a little different this year for the taters though...


I did make a little progress this week
in the "creative" department.
 I started some straps for 2 more feed bag totes.

I will say this though...
for any of you out there that are "list makers" like me
you will know my joy...
I got to put several LINES through some long standing items on the "to do" list this week.
Woo Hoo!
They are the kinds of things that you can not see the progress outwardly ...
this is when that list comes in handy.
Major victory!
I will take the motivation where I can get it.

I did have some unexpected events this week.

Blue Lights

Hmmm... when you just "know" you aren't doing anything wrong
"I" tend to be a little cocky!
That doesn't really go over so well with the Kitty Hawk's finest.

Fortunately, for me...
I won him over with my delightful wit and charm!
By the end of this chance meeting...
(which by the way was over an hour long)
he told me ...
"I like you!  You have made my night!"

What can I say!
I just have that kind of effect on people...
what's not to like?

I tried to get him to pose for a blog shot...
but he said "NO WAY!"

Uggg... I hate being "wrong" & you know, 
the DMV is NEVER wrong!
I spent the better part of yesterday 
being chauffeured around trying to sort this mess out.
(I wasn't about to chance it)
I am going to just swallow this little jagged pill  
and do what they ask me to do.
But, at least I am back on the road
ready for any more chance encounters with the men in blue.
I am so ready for "smaller government"
"for the people, by the people"
what a joke!

Just in case ya'lls imaginations are running away with ya...
I wasn't running moonshine or tippin em back behind the wheel.
It was an insurance thing...
and when my husband was able to bring him something that proved that we had insurance he let me go.
He was going to make me park it and take the tags off my truck.

Sorry... I have strayed from my blog intention of being

Let me get back on track!

Today is a day of fluff and fun...
after school work of course.
Tonight is the Annual Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance.
Hair, nails, fancy dress and shoes...
This will be Mary's last Girl Scout dance 
and it should be memorable.

I will have the evening all to myself to go through my seed catalogs and finish up 
my wish list.

These are my 2 favorite seed suppliers!
You won't find any Monsanto GMO seeds here.

This past week, we have had some days in the mid-high 60's and full of sunshine.


It's still February!
And I will need to keep the home fires burning.

But it sure is nice to have some dreams to warm the chill away.

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Susan said...

Thanks!! I needed that! I have decided that you can just keep posting your garden/plant/wonders of the earth pictures, and I will just pretend they are in my yard too! We will be starting from scratch with all of Moms plants on the porch, which we will wait until we move. Love the police story too, you are such a rebel!! haha