Monday, May 23, 2011

Another Manic Monday


As you are we...

Getting Nowhere Fast

These gourds have been sitting on my "to-do" table for some time.
I have worked on them twice now and just can't seem to feel the love.

Finally, I stopped.  
I just wasn't feeling the inspiration.

As I sat there,
looking at these birdhouses... not liking what I was seeing.
 I began thinking...

Where was I?

And I realized that it wasn't "Sunflowers"...
sunflowers are for the dog days of summer.
I was in "Spring" mode.

Fastpitch Softball 

late nite games & practices.

Spring Cleaning

Tidying  up the leftover debris of winter

Hunting for Eggs

Swapping, Saving & Planting Seeds

And Soaking them to...

Hitting the Books

Taking in the bounty of Spring

False Indigo

Ants & Peonies

I realized that I was more into eating sunflower seeds 
at softball games 
than I was 
painting them on my gourds.  

I looked down at me feet...
saw where I was

decided it was 
much easier to be where I am than 
where I think I "ought" to be.

Wash Day

So, I allowed myself to be exactly where I am...

I got busy being in the moment.  
I have different plans for the birdhouses now.
Found my inspiration!
Surrendered to the fact that a few chickens were going to continue getting into the garden.
Gave my surviving plants some TLC.
  I  made new plans for my veggie beds.

Started MORE seeds.

A New Flower in the Garden

A piece my hubby made...

Cat & Two Hats

 Bill was in serious need of some new welding caps.
 I figured it might be nice to hook the poor man up with a couple new replacements.
It is getting a little to warm for the knit hats he had been wearing.
I have a few more pattern pieces already cut out, 
I should be able to get some more finished up for him sometime this week.

I also made some horse accessories with some of my left over quilting material.

"necessity is the mother of invention"

This is Phoenix...

March 8, 2011

Morning after bringing him to the Barn.

Don't let this winter coat fool you. 
He was skin and bone and afraid of his own shadow.

First Show
May 21, 2011
Mary & "Phoenix Rising" 


I am so proud of my daughter.

It took a lot of hard work to prepare  for this day.

They have both come such a long way in just 2 and a half months.

Two peas in a pod
these two.

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MadKhat said...

Phoenix looks like a totally new horse, especially his hind end. I think he will be a wonderful horse for Mary and they bond very closely over the next several months.