Saturday, April 23, 2011


A Few Stragglers


Hello, Yellow

It's a Southern Thang...

 Just when I think that spring in my yard is only purple and yellow.


2 Days
Chicken Free

 I finally felt safe enough to plant my seeds in the garden.
Not because of the frost or weather...
but because of those dang chickens!

Sometimes chickens in the garden are a good thing.

But just after planting seeds and putting in young tender seedlings...
not so good.
They will either eat or bury all your hard work.

Last year I put bird netting over my beds, thinking this would help...
and it did.

However my conscious was burdened 
when I found a hog nosed snake
 that got himself stuck in the netting and I didn't find him in time.

So this year...

after the shared knowledge from the Island Farm,

I proceeded to plant my spring seeds...
and seedlings
Beets, Spinach, Lettuce, Carrots, Beans, Peas, Corn Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Cucumbers & more Tomatoes.

Unfortunately, a few chickens still found their way into my freshly planted garden.
Hopefully they didn't eat all my seeds...
and only one plant looked a little worse for wear.


 On the second day... 1 chicken still found her way into the garden.
Persistent young thing!
Fortunately, she doesn't care much for tomato leaves.

Companion Gardening

 I have one perennial bed in my vegetable garden.  
I usually only keep herbs and perennials in it,
but this year I thought I would try something a little different.

I planted some tomatoes in with my Asparagus and Bee Balm.

oh yeah...



After the CRAZY winter weather we had here, I am surprised to even see that this tree even has any growth on it...
especially fruit.

Three Sisters

 I am going to try this again.  

I didn't have much luck last year with it...
but then again ...
I didn't have much luck in the garden at all last year.

Three Sisters is a traditional Native American grouping of plants.
Corn, Beans & Squash

I may have to throw a pumpkin out there later.

Pick a Peck of Peppers

I have a good feeling that this year will be a better year for the garden.
I have a few more seeds I want to start...
and a few more seedlings to put in the ground
then it is over to the flower beds.


This is a native vine that came up and is thriving on it's own.

These are my hubby's doing.
He is bound and determined to have grapes.

I personally, am not a fan.
But, I have to throw the man a bone once in a while 
I may not get his TLC in the garden 
when I need it.

Higher & Higher...  

 It was getting ridiculous!
How much higher could we go?
Picked fencing, lattice and then chicken wire.

Enough is enough!
I think we have the solution.

Island Farm shared a tool that they implemented 
after their chickens completely  demolished their garden the first year they opened.


That's it... 

rope strung just a few inches above the fencing.

It seems that chickens don't like to land on rope or wire...

and they typically will not fly over a fence.
They will fly up..
and then fly down.

You gotta love a Historian...
thanks for the research!

Now they even have a place to hang the laundry on wash day!


Soaked and Ready to Go
 Bush Beans

Mo Maters

Family Tree

Share the love!

A Lilac from my sister- in- law
a Pomegranate from my cousin.

Indian Hawthorn

I love this bush!

Did I mention that Spring is my favorite season?

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