Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog Additions

I have been busy making some renovations 
here on the
Green Gourd Blog

Along with a new look and layout,
I have also given the Green Gourd several new additions.

I updated my Blog Profile aka...
About Me.

I finally got around to utilizing the correct "gadget" so I could add a list of books to...

Books I LOVE

Please check them out!
You will find them on the sidebar 
with links to Amazon
where you will find descriptions, reviews and options to buy both new and used.

I couldn't name all the books that I love, 
so I attempted to add as many as I could for now.  
I am sure that I will be adding a few more to the list over time.

I also added a "Translate" function,
 with the hope of picking up some new globe trotters.

I am also adding some new pages to the blog as well.


Homemade Cleaning Products


Food Addiction
Horse Tails

It is my intention to keep these pages updated with 
helpful links, recipes, tips 
along with my experience, strength and hope.

This is also where I hope that others will share their's as well.

Please,  leave comments with suggestions of what you would like to see on these pages in the future
as well as your favorite links, recipes and experience.

Check back soon to see all the progress!


Susan said...

This font makes it seem blurry (to my eyes anyway)!! haha Keep on writing!!

Ginny Rodgers said...

It looks good! I like that the font looks like how you write on gift tags etc. too.

Debbie Marchitelli said...

Thanks ya'll.

I wonder if I change the color of the font from the charcoal to a black if it will help with the blurry thing. This was one of my original concerns.