Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wow... 2 Months, Really?

We have a lot of catching up to do.
I can't believe I have gone this long without blogging!
But I have to admit...
I have not really been myself lately.

Some days have been better than others and all in all I can not complain.

Life goes on...
one second at a time usually.

Our days have been filled with the usual
NOT so usual...


Time with Mary

Cooking Practice

Mary is trying to perfect the the art of the perfect pancake.
The hardest lesson is accepting that the first couple aren't always pretty.

Educational Field Trips

So many things to learn when the vet comes to the barn
This one ...
made Mary a little weak in the knees... literally!
She had to take a knee.

Basketball Season

came and went.

The Undefeated 
Alley Oops

What a team!
They finished up earning both the regular season champion title and
the Dare County 12U Tournament Champions!

 Migration Season has Begun 

With the coming of spring... 
come the flocks of seasonal guest.
Both winged and wheeled.

Here they Come

It is Spring Break and all common sense is gone once this bridge is crossed.
Please folks...
don't forget to pack your patience and courtesy when you come on vacation.
We don't have much surplus to spare if you don't.

Happy, Happy Birthday Girl


Then the Icing on the Cake

To top this birthday off she got to take 

2 of her friends 
to see...

Sierra Hull
  in concert.
Look at her standing beside Sierra...
she was absolutely starstruck!

What a super young lady.
As sick as she was and she still was able to be sweet, polite and pose with her fans after the show.

She can be my 12 year old's idol without a doubt.

Sierra Hull & Highway 111

This is from the actual show.
I found it on Youtube.  
Someone up in the balcony must have taken this video.
We were down on the front row right in front of Sierra and Zach.
What an awesome show!
Sierra was really sick and blowing her nose all evening.
But dang...
her playing was certainly no worse for wear.

This is one Birthday present that was as much enjoyable for us as it was for Mary.

Bill and I

have made some changes this spring.
I have officially passed the hoe and spade over to Bill.
He and Mary are the official tenders of the vegetable garden now.
And have left me to the flowers and herbs.
I don't even really know how to respond to this.
It feels kinda "uncomfortable".

He has come to me on more than one occasion now in full frustration over the chickens!
I have to chuckle even as I type this...
How many times have I asked him to PLEASE
help me come up with a way to keep those girls from shredding my every planting effort.
He will finally see how emotionally draining it is to work so hard to keep those chickens from wasting all my vegetables only to have a few stragglers make it and then only to succumb to blight and the dreaded squash and stink bugs.
I bet it won't take 4 years to come up with a successful chicken barrier now that he is doing the vegetable gardening.

He usually is in charge of potatoes, grapes and sometimes corn.
This year it is the the whole sha-bang.
I am really excited!

Which leaves me to more leisurely gardening.

Water Gardens

I have sorely missed my mornings by the pond.  So it is time to get back to it.


Beauty and Vitamin C

Rose Hip Tea anyone?
It will be nice to get back into preserving my medicinal plants.

Aroma Therapy

I will miss this smell...
This is the last of the Wisteria, only a few stragglers remain.

It is time for me to get back to basics...
the beauty,
stillness and quietness of gardening.

Time to commune with the pollinators and work in harmony with them.
And leave the chickens to Bill!

Lady Banks Roses

Seems they have survived their fence trauma and have come back full and happy.


Lipstick Salvia

After cutting back all the years of growth in my beds and mourning the loss of so many plants from my neglect, the storm,  the fence and the assault from the neighbors when putting up the new fence....

It is nice to see that I still have some beautiful life left in this old yard.

Softball Season

This is my husbands favorite time of the year.
He an Mary practice EVERY day.
She is starting to put some consistent heat on that ball.
Look out...
she is also really nailing those inside and outside corners!

An Unstoppable Duo

The new dropped 3rd strike rule in 12 U 
has shown to be a very difficult concept to adapt to in this age group.
However, our catcher laughs and says...
"What dropped strikes?  I don't drop ANY balls!"
"Atta Girl, Haley"


We don't have to hide eggs for Easter anymore...
Our gals are doing a fine job... 
all on their own.

Horse Show Season

Unfortunately Mary had to miss her first ICSC Show because it landed on Opening day of Softball.
It is very difficult for her to choose...
but she won't let her team down.  
Being the pitcher kinda makes it a little hard to miss a game without anyone really noticing.

But she has been putting in a lot of work with Phoenix...
it paid off!


This was her 3rd show ever and she was a little nervous...
I think first show of the season is just like that.
Plus she decided to try showing in Dressage Suitability and a new division this year.
Field Hunter Division, which neither have classes for her age group, like Hunt Seat.
It is a new addition to the ICSC show class list (a test drive)
And is an all ages class with not many participating yet.
She was kinda wishing that she had signed up for the Hunt Seat classes.  
Since there are more people in the Huntseat 12 and under classes.
But look at this

Big "Beautiful" Boy!

He really isn't a dainty Hunt Seat horse.
Mary doesn't care about that though...
he is her ...

Best Friend

What an incredible bond these two have!
What ever she chooses to do will be fine,
 as long as they do it together.
It's all about teamwork.

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