Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Foot

 "I feel good"!

Yesterday, I started the day off getting myself to an early doctor's appointment.
Not usually one of my favorite things to do.
Especially these days when there is rarely any positive news.

I have decided that in spite of myself,
I choose to put one foot in front of the other and keep trucking.

After leaving the doctor's office
I decided to stop beating myself up for not having any of my seeds started.
I went and picked up some 

My daughter behind my every step reminding me that I was NOT to get any VEGETABLES.
That was her and her Dad's department now.

Then I went to my favorite vegetable stand
Tarheel Too
and picked up some produce.

My favorite buys for sure were the in season 

Local Asparagus & Strawberries

I also picked up some essential for that juicer I bought a while back and have only used once.

I am determined not to give up on myself...
I have too much to loose!

So... Happy!

After helping her mother with some transplanting,
which she now loves to do...
Mary went to check the mailbox before she headed down the street to visit her favorite red headed 1 year old ( a future babysitting client).

To her absolute joy she found an envelope addressed to her.
It was from her 

Aunt Ginny

A belated Birthday gift...
and if you want my opinion,
the belated gifts are the best gifts.

You receive them when you don't expect one 
making them all that more special!

I Love 'Em

Handmade original earrings by Daisynconcrete (aka Aunt Ginny!)
She couldn't wait to put them on 
and she wasted no time calling her to thank her.

 Seeds of Change

Technically I am suppose to leave the vegetables to Bill and Mary...
 I figure since I am responsible 
for my own healthy choices.
And I am planting flowers and herbs for teas and juices...
then planting some spinach and leaf lettuce
would be OK.
Both Bill and Mary 
forgave me.
I don't think I stepped on too many toes.




Those dang chickens love my newly planted pots...
so I  put these lovely sticks in them to keep the chickens out.
Once they are established they tend to leave them alone.
They only prey on the young and vulnerable.
Evil Biddies!

But I sure love those eggs with some...

Fresh Dill

Strawberry Baskets

Another favorite of our chickens...
are strawberries!
We had a great crop in the garden several years ago that would  even re-seed themselves.
They have been long gone.

We all need to spread our wings 
but until then
we will make due with what we have.

As much as I love my girls to free range 
I think we are going to have to keep them a little more confined.
At least till we can get some more grass growing and/or some sacrificial plants.
Between the chickens and the dogs we have very little grass left,
no wonder they keep heading to the garden for treats.
Grass in this sandy soil 
is not especially common at the beach.
We had lots of grass till we started raising chickens.
But it takes some work to simply have grass,
now if we want both chicken, grass and vegetables
we are going to have to get 


Now that this has become established
I was able to remove the sticks 
and put them in the thyme.
I can taste the Ice Tea now!


I better get some 
Chicken Sticks in this pot before I am killing some chickens.

This is one of the first plants that I tried planting when I moved in with Bill over 15 years ago.
I was determined to have Lavender in my garden.
Oh man...
I killed so many lavender plants in my attempts to have lavender.
But after years and years of trying,
I eventually
BEAUTIFUL lavender plants in my garden.

Unfortunately they are now gone...
so it is time to 
Start Again!

It's That Time 

I just ordered Mary's End of year testing supplies.
I can't believe that we are getting close to that time already.

We have had a really good year.
I am so happy that we decided to Homeschool Mary.
We have certainly had our struggles ...
but we have managed to find our way 
and are better people for it.
I feel pretty safe to say we will NOT be going back to public school again.

As much as Mary LOVES her sports...
we are NOT willing to sacrifice her
emotional well being,
 one on one education,
learning to THINK not test,
morals vs superficial social skills
most importantly...
the special bond that we have as a family.
Choosing to raise our daughter with intention and love
that reinforces our priorities and values
is the best choice we have ever made for our daughter.

So if we have to choose between school sports and homeschooling
then it is 
hands down!

Her pitching coach feels confident that if she stays on the path she is on now...
he is sure that she will be picked up by a college team
with a full ride 
without playing school ball.

Mother of Invention

I haven't really been to crafty or creative lately.
The closest I have gotten to even partially creative, would have to be picking out what fabric I was going to use for the patches on my tattered skirts
and some

Wash Rags

There may be a scarf and a hat thrown in there.


Schoolwork Done

Now it is time for some...


Lets start with a nice 
Alkaline Juice:

Not bad but next time...
I think I will REMOVE the lemon peel!

Green Gourd Creations

has been at a bit of a stand still.
I did manage to update my Etsy site yesterday.
All my items had expired
So, I updated only the pieces that were not seasonal.
I still have MANY 
Christmas Gourds and Halloween Gourds
in stock
 but figured that I would wait to list the Christmas stuff till July.

I may not be where I want to be...
I am exactly where my feet are!

Acceptance is an acquired ability.
Always an 
opportunity to practice!

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