Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long Time No Blog


I can't believe it has been so long.
I feel so disconnected.

The fact is...
I am!

I am spread out all over the place with no real feeling of connectedness.

Make any sense? 
I am sure I have a few understanding souls out there.

Connect the Dots PLEASE!

I have found myself with very little opportunity to 
"Feel" creative.

Sure I am creative with the way I LIVE my life.
Every day is an 
 to be creative.

How to keep the lights on, food on the table and gas in the gas tank...
How to keep my overly exuberant daughter engaged in her daily lessons.
How to keep myself 
and my family humble and grateful for every moment we have.

My life is full of 

I think fall tends to leave me feeling this way.
It is when all the after school activities really start to kick into over-drive after the lazy days of summer.

Busy Calendar

Fortunately I chose to keep Mary doing her lessons through the summer so it wasn't a  complete shock to the system to get back into the swing of a things.


I am feeling a bit all over the place.
Not feeling like 

"Wonder Woman"

Halloween 2008
She will kill me one day for this!

This costume cracks me up...
She had been watching all the old episodes on (which no longer exists)
It was so last second & with no pattern.
All the patterns we could find for Wonder Woman were not 
"authentic" enough for her so I had to wing it!

Time to get back to the sewing machine, easel or better yet...
spinning wheel!

In addition to all the added "appointments" and bills...
It didn't help that Phoenix has been having...

Eye Issues

Poor Baby!
Earlier, the storm blew something into his left eye...
Then last week a bee sting in the right eye...
Mary better start hitting the books harder...
and become a 
The first vet really socked it to us...
the second vet well lets say...
she took on a practical philosophy of care after the economy took a nose dive.
It is typically not the "vet call" or "visit" that takes a toll on the pocket-book, but the medication that is prescribed.
Nice to know that not ALL physicians are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies.
That little $50 tube of medicine can be purchased for less than $5 over the counter... oh well I will make that mistake only ONCE.

Regardless of which type medication...
it is still expensive when you have to drive back and forth everyday to apply the medicine.

Now Phoenix is sporting a fancy new Fly Mask...
wish I had taken a picture of him in it, 
but this ought to help with a visual.

Phoenix's is all plaid... even the ears.
he is...
"Super Fly"
Kensington Long Nose Fly Mask with Ears

But, the world keeps spinning!

Round and Round

Notice the fence in the background...

Still not fixed!
"Good fences make good neighbors"... right?
Guess Davco Inc. doesn't feel the same way.

Just keep breathing...

And lets focus on the Positive!

CAT Results In

Not Bad: Mid, High and Above Average!

Granted, the score is really more of a gauge for me to see where her strengths and weaknesses are, than it is a pass or fail situation.  Not to mention it is mandatory by the state to have a yearly test on record.
The state of North Carolina simply desires to have the child take the test, not pass it.

Good thing I have a higher standard.

The Testing Prep is OVER!
school can take on more of a

"Routine" again.

Hit the Books

Things are still a little strange though.
Bill is back out-of-town again.

Hopefully this time won't be for as long.
I really do miss him when he is gone.

So we will just try and keep our head above water...
and do a little laundry.

Squeaky Clean

I Love it...
It works great!

Guess I need to stop "shoulding" on myself!

It might just be time to do a few things VERY WELL
than to do many things...

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