Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Keeping Busy

I kinda lost my... 
blogging momentum for a moment
but I am BACK!

Birdfeeders are done

and Bill got 2 more 
Horseshoe Bars Finished

Remember this???

I started the process.




 One of my shelves decided to come crashing down while I was cleaning.
perfect time for a break!
Break is over...
we got the shelf back up. 
But I still have a little more organizing and cleaning to do to call this room officially 

But, I am keeping busy...
since the last post we have started a new 
Language Arts Curriculum with and emphasis on 
Writing and Vocabulary
Absolutely NOT Mary's strongest subjects...
thus the emphasis!
But she really seems to be liking the 
Wordly Wise.

not so much but we WILL get there!
She isn't fighting me nearly as much when it comes to writing.
She is acquiring some strong writing skills that are allowing her to feel more confident in her ability to write.
So far so good!

In October, Mary participated in a 4-H OPEN FUN SHOW

This was the first time off the farm in over a year,
and first show in almost 2 years.

It was a miracle that Mary was able to even make it into a class.
Phoenix is notorious for his temper tantrums, 
especially when it comes to going on the trailer.
This day was actually one of his worst displays yet.
After an hour we gave up...
we didn't want our friends to miss their classes.
Mary was heart broken.
She had been really practicing and had him all dressed up and ready to go,
squeeky clean with mane and tail braided.
Then Mary's trainer swooped in to the rescue.
She dropped her horse off and then headed to Wrangler to help with Phoenix.
After winning the first battle he was even more determined to win the next.
Unfortunately for HIM
he was not victorious in this epic battle.
It took many helping hands but we ultimately got him on the trailer and made it to the show.

He was no longer handsomely groomed.
He was a sweaty mess.
But we were there...
with only minutes to spare before her classes.

The simple fact that we were there was a victory in my book.
But now the next hurdle was to get both Mary and Phoenix settled down and get their show face on.

We opted to scratch her showmanship class so they could collect themselves enough to even get in the show arena.
They were both off the rails.
But they pulled it together!

Not only did they make it into the arena...
but they pulled it off three times!

And if competing wasn't enough
for icing on the cake...
 she got her first ever
She was giddy!

Phoenix can be as stubborn as Mary!
But all the practice is beginning to pay off.
And now...
her confidence is making a come back!

Flash forward two months later...
they are

They will be riding together in her first ever over fence class in a benefit show at 
Wrangler Farm
Sunday, December 8
see facebook link below for more info.

Mary is really looking forward to showing again.

This time she will have the luxury of no "Trailer Drama"!

In October, Mary made her very first... 

 So, now it's official...
Bill is finally a bonafied Senior Citizen.

October and November were also very busy and exciting months for softball.
Mary was asked to guest play for the first time in October.
We traveled to Williamston, NC to play for a team out of Winsor...

The 14U Lady Diamonds
the Cashie team that we battled against both in District All-Stars and at the State Championship.

 We weren't sure if she would even play...
but she did, she came in as a clean up pitcher and struck out every girl that she pitched to.  It was an absolute treat for Mary to have a chance to pitch with Akyia.

Mary had been impressed by her catching for a 
while from playing against her all these years.
But to actually play WITH her ...
She was beyond words!

Softball Nation's 
in Va Beach, Virginia
with her OBX Xtream Team

Then the very next weekend Mary was asked to guest play once again.
However this time for a...
16U Team

What an experience!
We thought... 
ok, probably sit the bench most of the time.
But, NO!
She pitched, she hit, she ran bases and she even got to play 1st base for the first time in a VERY long time.
It was exciting and she held her own against the big girls.
She struck several girls out...
even caught em looking!
The first full game she pitched they won
17 - 2
against the Coastal Fury.
We had so much fun we decided to do it again two weeks later.
This time it was in the HS Division which pit her up against 18 and 19 year olds.
We didn't come home with any trophies... but we did come home with our heads held high.
Not bad for a 13 year old, running with the Big Dogs.

(I totally just used this blog as a brag rag)

My etsy shop has been unusually busy.
And let me state for the record...
I am NOT complaining!
It has started a smoldering ember under my butt.
Even though I finished the feeders and the blanket bars, it took me quite a while to get them listed on my etsy shop.
But I managed to get them listed before Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
And I am so glad that I did!

I even managed to make a few new items .


3 Pair of Pants from Recycled Jeans

Then it was...
 "over the river and throuht the woods" 
to my brother's home for 

We had a nice UNEVENTFUL holiday!
Good food and wonderful company.
I am sure a few made their way home with us in our bags.
Nasty little boogers!

Hope they don't find their way to my winter garden.
Which by the way is still kicking, I haven't killed it yet.


and a few herbs in the background.
 and More KALE
I even have some beets, carrots and sunchokes.
I am determined to get that juicer going.

Plus I got turned on to

And as soon as I recieve my mother scoby disk...
I will be making my own.
I am gearing up for a complete clean kitchen make-over.
When Bill gets home from the maiden voyage of the Texas Star...
he won't know what hit him.

So that's about the gist of what's been going on in my world.
Hopefully the next post won't take so long!

It is my hope that everyone reading this has an abundance of reasons to give thanks!

Love and Healing to all!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are busy..Always so nice to read your post and hear all the good things happening your way...Good Job..Have a very Merry Christmas..

Susan said...

Hooooray and Shazaammmm you are back on the blog! Sounds like things are as busy and awesome as ever! I will talk to you soon!