Saturday, September 22, 2012

Slow and Steady

Fall Euinox

I can't believe that it is the first day of Autumn already.
It seems like just yesterday... 
it was spring.
I feel as if I have been in a deep sleep 
and have just awoken.

A bit like...

Rip Van Winkle
Gotta love some Washington Irving!
photo by: John Howe

I suppose that this is partly true.

I have not exactly been present in my body, lately.
I have not been taking care of my emotional, physical or spiritual needs.
Which has left me feeling like a square wheel.

In just about ALL the areas of my life.

But the times...
they are a changing!

I went to the doctor last week and it seems that I am having some positive results with my newest medication and supplemental vitamins.

Woo Hoo!
It is nice to finally have some progress in this part of my life.

 Wonderful Bounty

Remember all those wonderful big gourds that were given to me by a friend?

last weekend while Mary was at

The Barn

with some of her new barn buddies.
(ahhhh... ME time)
I was able to give myself some long over due TLC!

Man what some Rest, Meditation, Journaling and 
Peace and Quiet can do for one's soul.

By the end of the day I was out
scrubbing some gourds 
and getting some... 

Green Gourd Time

I had to dig out my scouring pads
and plunged my hands deep into the soapy water.

I have to say...

Wet, Soapy and Moldy!

What more could a girl ask for?
I got about a dozen 

Let'em Dry

... and they are ready to put away or start getting creative.
I am leaning more toward the 

I put them back in my studio to keep them dry, clean and ready to go.
This is the view from the back door of my studio
(zoomed of course)
A Vine

... full of 

Green Gourds!

There are actually two vines here...
and they both have several NICE gourds on each of them.

It is looking "as if" my future may have a little job security after all.

Gourd Seeds 

One of the gourds lost it's  neck
so I was able to 
remove the seeds with a promise of gourds in the years to come 
and to also share the wealth.

Final Projects

Mary's projects and final grades for her 6th Grade year are finally finished.
Yippie Ki Yea!
A weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
She was soooo... proud of herself!
I wish I could capture that excitement and bottle it!
As painful as this struggle was... 
to complete all the goals that Mary was given
and receive her final grade for Science, 
it was well worth it!
I am grateful for the opportunity it gave both of us 
to learn and grow from our mistakes
and continue on... 
more experienced in our Homeschooling journey.

She even wanted to take her Final Exam over
she wanted to bring her grade up.
Finally some self motivation!

Her final grade in Science was a ...

(Way to go Mary!)

She has now Officially put 6th Grade behind her 
and moved up to... 

7th Grade

New Schedule 

I decided to go ahead and start our 
new school year.
I know I said that I wasn't going to...
But alas...
the joys of homeschooling, 
get to make the decisions that work best for our family.

I am trying to ease her into the heaver work load that she will have this year.
It will be substantially more work than what she is used to.
She will have a few additional subjects this year
as well as 
the work being a bit more challenging.

Mary and I have certainly hit a few bumps in the road
but for the most part we are off to a good start.

I have spent a lot of time this year trying to get myself much more organized.  
I have made spreadsheets, printed out lesson plans, created a reading list and much more.  
I am not usually this structured.
But... again... it sure feels NICE to not feel like I am playing catch up.

A PLAN is nice!

I have to say...
I am kinda happy Mary chose not to play any fall sports.
It has allowed me to get caught up on some much neglected areas of our life
and Mary to focus more on her schoolwork 
and other responsibilities.


Language Arts

I just got our new Language Arts Curriculum in.
(it is the the same folks who put out her Math that I love)
It is the first official curriculum that we have used in L. Arts since we started homeschooling.
Up till now...
we have used an extremely eclectic approach to her reading, writing, grammar, spelling and phonics.

Because this was the subject that she needed the MOST help in.
Being the undiagnosed Dyslexic that she is.

she has come a long way in just two short years!
She is ready to tie it all together.

We will be supplementing with some Literature from her reading list.

Right now she is reading 

The Secret Life of Bees

I really enjoyed this book when I read it several years ago.  
I was afraid that it might be a little too mature for her.
But, she LOVES it!

I found a great Teacher's Guide .
Using it, I have been able created a Vocabulary List
as well as some
ideas for writing exercises, essay questions and field trips.

And to brag even more on my organized self...
I even have a TEST printed out and ready to go
for when we she is finished with this book.
I know...
I amaze myself to!

I just put in an order for some more used books from 

1.  The Hobbit by J R Tolkien 
2.  Complete Tales of Washington Irving by Washington Irving & Charles Neider
3.  Outrageous Woman of Ancient Times by Vickie Leon

and two of the three books I need for Mary's Math Curriculum.
I ordered a NEW copy of the Test and Worksheets from 

It is my plan to order her Science and Foreign Language by next week.
I keep going back and forth between 
Latin and Spanish
I can't make a decision.
Mary wants to learn Latin but I am afraid that she will loose interest.
I took Latin in middle school and Spanish in High School.
I wish I had only stuck with one through out both.

However, Latin did give me a love for WORDS!
And if she is to become a Veterinarian like she says she wants to do...
then Latin will be very useful.
For the time being I am using some 4-H curriculum 
to fill in till her General Science comes in.

We are going with Apologia General Science.
I have been very happy with their
curriculum so far.

I am a fan of the Charlotte Mason approach to learning.
It seems to work for Mary.

Ancient History

Bill has made a frame so we can make some homemade paper.
We are studying Ancient China and they were known for their paper making skills.
This should be FUN!


I don't know if you remember the yummy flounder Bill brought home from Wanchese several weeks ago when my girl, Dea was in town?

Well once again working in Wanchese has paid off!

Bill was given an awesome tip yesterday 
he was given over 20lbs. of 

Fresh NC Shrimp

He popped off all the heads, cleaned and packed them up in freezer bags
before I could say Bubba Gump!

I steamed up about 2lbs last night and this is 
all that was left.

Perfect for today's...


Once again my... 

Fair Lady

has been laid aside.
The embroidery ring that keeps my fabric stretched has broken.

One more thing to add to the ever growing list of things to fix.
Oh, well...
I am sure she won't mind waiting for another couple years.

I may get her finished one day.

But for now...
I am enjoying this fantastic cool weather!
It has finally cooled off enough to open the windows and not worry about being eaten alive by the blood thirsty Carolina state bird...
the mosquito!

I am also enjoying the sound from my gift that Dea's son, 
Drew picked out for me...

Wind Chimes

Thank you!

Once again my house is some what quiet!
Bill has gotten on board with some of my request for help
and is taking Mary out to the Barn on Saturday's.
It is becoming a constant.
I am overjoyed!

So, what WILL I do with this quiet time?
I will finish this Blog Post!
But what about the rest of my Saturdays?


I still have a few more gourds to ...


before it gets to chilly!

Then maybe I will go back into my abandoned... 


Dust Off ...

The Brushes

or the 

Carving Tools



and get my Green Gourd on!

Sounds pretty good to me... what do ya'll think?

It has been awhile since I have done anything creative for 
Green Gourd Creations.
It was brought to my attention recently that I don't have anything on my Etsy shop from later than 2008 or 2009.

Thank YOU!

But, she is right,  I don't!
I did have a few pieces that were a little more recent...
 they sold! 

But that was ...
April 2012

But three gourds does not a business make.
It feels like a lifetime ago!

Yes, I have been creative since then in many different ways but nothing to keep a business going and barely even a hobby.

I got a call from someone yesterday letting me know about a Craft Show at their school and was wondering if I would like to participate.

I don't really have enough inventory right now to do a show.
But maybe between Bill, Mary and I 
we could pull some things together to make an 
"inventory" to sell.


I better get my green arss into gear!

So, today is a new day...

a new season...

I am off and away!


Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like Fall is your time of are busy..keep it up...cannt wait to see new Green Gourd are so talented..Good Job..KB

Susan said...

How did I miss this one until today??!! All of your creative mojo has me thinking now. I have done very little in the last year, just not "feeling it". Maybe it's time! Love the pictures, and excited about the schooling for Mary, sounds like it's going well! And I am very impressed with your organization!!

Anonymous said...

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