Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, it has been brought to my attention...

that it has been a while since my last Green Gourd Post.

Mending Onions

 Even though I have not been blogging, I still had it in my mind to...
I continued to snap shots here and there of a few things that 
I felt may be blog worthy.

When I first created this blog space, it was my intention to only blog about positive parts of my life.  This still is my objective, since I have been know to focus only on the negative... NOT a healthy place for me.
Unfortunately the space in my mind, body and spirit over the last several months has been anything but POSITIVE.  
Thus making it very difficult to be creative and then to isolate.
It is part of what I do when I am not HEALTHY.

However, all was not LOST!
I was still able to notice a few moments of forward motion.
Like the photo above.

These are the pants that my daughter was wearing back in October when she had her horseback riding accident.  
They had to be cut and torn to take care of her injury.
They were Mary's "favorite" jeans.

This mending job...
as simple as it may seem...
brought up some serious emotions for me.

I won't go into them right now...
let's just say...
in the words of the wise Shrek...
it is "like an onion".

I will share with ya'll 
some of my "moments" 
I experienced over the past several months.


 Many Years ago I put this affirmation in my bathroom.
But in all these years...
I wonder how many times I truly said this to myself?
I took this quote from 
Louise Hay's book

You Can Heal Your Life

Now... I don't know if any of you have ever grown "onions"?
But onions in a garden are not always desirable.
If they are not tended to or harvested they will go to seed, and pop up everywhere...
Giving veggies in your garden 
the subtle taste and aroma of ONIONS.

Well, I don't know about you but I like my carrots to taste like CARROTS
not onions.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Mary's Powerline


 Mary had a a SUPER pitching season this year.
Her team went 10-0 
earning them the title of 

12U Champions

 Awesome group of girls and coach!

If you are are not a pitcher or have a child that is a pitcher,
it is hard to KNOW how much work actually goes into 
becoming a 

vs someone who simply throws a ball over a plate.

It isn't easy and it usually isn't always FUN.
For both the child or the parent.

It is something that takes great commitment and hard work.
It is making sacrifices with your time 
money and energy.

This means practicing when most of your peers are playing and goofing off.

This is NOT a choice a parent can make for a child...
this must be the child's choice.

I have to ask myself sometimes if this is really worth it.
But, when I see the pride she has when she pitches a great game, I know it is.

I am so proud of her.
She inspires me 


 Most of us need routine.
Even the critters in our life.

This summer has broken a lot of routines in our lives.


 It was a great honor to be chosen for the All-Star Team
but it came at a cost. 

Mary and I are both creatures of habit.
And if you break the routine...
everything seems to falls apart.

Then there is chaos!
Don't buy the BIG LIE...
"I do my best work in chaos"
No Way!

It becomes a perpetual game of catch up...
which by the way is 
simply down right 

But "this to shall pass..."
and All-Stars ended without the outcome we had hoped for.
A lot of hard work only for a weekend of over 100 degree temperature and only 3 games of softball.
Better luck next year girls!

Now, slowly we are trying to reclaim some order to our routine.

After 2 years of homeschooling...
I think we are finally getting to the place I would like for us to be.


Since I pulled Mary out of Public School in the end of October... 
This has been the "official" start of our school year, both this year and last.
Which has made testing and our social lives a little difficult.

I have chosen to continue with our classwork over the summer.
I know...
Cruel and unusual punishment by Mom.

even though we started in late October we "officially" ended this year
We completed our 180 day attendance that the state requires.
Woo Hoo!
Even with all the sports interruptions, we did it!
 Much to Mary's disappointment...
we still have about 2 more weeks of classwork until 
call it officially over.

Finally our official beginning of the school year can start just after Labor Day.
Allowing our schedule to coincide better with the other schools
and sporting events.
Allowing Mary the freedom to do more with her friends in public and private school.


 Even though I do not have to keep grades until 9th Grade (for college transcripts),
I have decided I better start getting the feel of how it is done now.

I would "grade" things like test and Mathwork mainly because Mary wanted to see the "Grade" because that is how she did it in "school"
but my mode of operation has been simple up to this point.
We work on it till you "get it"... 
this means 100% regardless of how many times it has to be done.
So grades ...
seemed kinda pointless with this approach...
and a little skewed. 
Always 100%?
As a homeschool, my objective is different than a public school.
My only objective is to educate MY CHILD.

Not make money...
Not tenure...
Not accreditation...
and it is only one child not 900 or 2000.
She is competing only with herself...
to become the best she can be.
I don't have to make her move on if she hasn't fully grasped a subject.
It is ... all about her!

I got a little off subject.

Since Mary is college bound ... by her own proclamation.
We need to start preparing now.
Plus, if Mary is going to play sports for JVC 
or any school
she will need to be able to submit her grades for eligibility.
So, I have been trying to work out the bugs this year.
I think I have made a lot of progress.


 Mary still needs to 
turn in her Notebook Journal, 
Nature Journal 
and her Final Project for Science.  
These are big portions of her final "grade".  
She has already taken the final exam.

I also would like her to finish all the lessons in her Math, so we can start 7th grade fresh...
in a new book.
Her Botany is due the end of next week and her Math should be finished the following week after we return home from visiting my brother again.

Then we both will get some well deserved time off from school.
She will still have to READ 
and do some spelling (a subject that needs improvement).

But for the most part...
School will be out for a short BREAK!
Woo Hoo!!!!!! 

We may actually get to spend some time at the beach.

Love It!

 Doing some of her own mending!

Water Lilies


 I even treated myself to some annuals this year...
NOT from seed.

Flea Spray

We tried a few new recipes for cleaning products and other household items.
So far so good!

Treats for Phoenix

 We have gotten back into seeing Phoenix more regularly.
Bringing him all kinds of goodies!
I plan to spoil him even more!

Leaving the Island

 I can not begin to tell you how much crossing this bridge meant to me!

Family of Origin

 I am homesick!

Country Roads

 take me home!
To the place...

I Belong!

 I am not exactly sure how my "little" brother ended up living my life in the country...
but I am so glad he did!
It is nice to know that I have a place to run away to!

Cousin Ry man!

Uncle Mike

  Aunt Celeste didn't stand still long enough when I had the camera in my hands to snap a shot of her...
But she was a rock-star hostess!

Bill Lets his Hair Down


Going Fishing

 Digging fer the wigglers.

This trip did not last long enough.
(2 nights)
But it was enough to smooth out some ruff edges.
And for Bill to help Michael with his chicken coop.
I am planning another trip back in a couple weeks.
This time I plan to stay a tad longer.
We need some 
Bayli time!

The Lost Colony

 Matinee field trip.
Mary LOVES this show!
They made a few changes to the production this year.
They have incorporated some traditional elements to the native tribes and a cameo from a famous English poet, to name a couple.

Mary was very disappointed however...
they only preformed Act I .
She has been spoiled over the years of being treated to the entire show.

We usually make it to an evening showing but
I don't know if we will this year.
We will see.

Music Lessons

We added a new lesson plan for mandolin to her workload.
Hopefully Mary will get something out of it.
And be well on her way to mastering this new instrument.


 This summer has been non stop sporting.
I have to admit that I am having a bit of athletic burnout.

Literally the day after All-Stars...
Basketball camp started.
I didn't mind this too much... 
since it got Mary out of the house for several hours that week.
Giving me a chance to get caught up on some things I needed to do for 
Lately though, Mary has also been participating in the summer sports clinics 
at Jarvisburg Christian Academy.
Which by the way...
she LOVES!
But I don't like the drive.
Unfortunately it isn't doing much for my need for a 
And and my even greater need to get off this beach and take something that resembles a 
(this is a little to far to drive, just to drop off and leave)

My hat is off to my friends who drive from Currituck and Hatteras for their kids to play on the beach, and have been doing it for years.
I need my Highlander back!

There is a clinic almost every week for the entire summer.
By the time they are finished...
most schools will be back to business as usual
and Mary's cousin will be back on the other side of the states again.
Then it will be time for school and rec sports to start back up.

Like I said...
I am having some athletic burn out.
I am sure I will feel much better when I get back from seeing family in a couple weeks.

I know that 
I have mentioned in the past that I don't do 
CHANGE very well!

The Baum Family



 This family has upset my world...

I am the kind of person that usually keeps things pretty close to my belt. 
I rarely allow myself to become too close to anyone.
It isn't something I am proud of ...
it is simply a survival skill that doesn't really work that well for me anymore.

But the Baum Family has broken through my hard exterior shell 
and they became a very important part of my life
 and Mary's life as well.

After many years of living in a transient community
you would think that I would be use to people moving in and out of my life.

But not this family...
they have made the move to Stuart, Virginia.

And I have to say that I miss them terribly...
I don't adjust to change well and 
it will take me sometime to move past this particular change.

I am happy for them of course ...
because this is a positive move for them.
But they are sorely missed!

The good news is...
Stuart, Virginia is in Patrick County which is the neighbor to where else...
Floyd County.
The future home-site of my Alpaca Farm.

They are cutting a path for my family when we pull up stakes and head for the hills.
Who knows when that will be...
but it WILL

We have also had our house turned upside down by...


(2) 12 week old Kittens (Idgie's litter)

More Kittens

 (3) 4 week old Kittens


He is a SHE?????

And More Kittens...

Taking over the Dog Kennel

 (5)  5 week old kittens
These are Idge Midge's kittens.


My life has become unmanageable!

If anyone reading this can take in a kitten or two...
permanently or temporarily...
get in touch with me!!!
Or if you know anyone looking for a new member of the family.
2 are ready now...
5 will be ready next week
and then 3 the following week.
(2 out of the 10 are Bob Tails)

We are keeping the Moms 
I have already made calls about having them spayed.
We can not keep anymore Cats.
We have absolutely hit our maximum capacity.
Feline Hope is not taking in anymore cats and all their foster homes are full.
I promised Mary that if we could not find homes for these kittens...
I would only take them to a 
No Kill Facility.

The SPCA that we got 


from in Charlottsville is a No Kill Facility...
All the kittens will be at least 6 weeks old and weened by the time we go to visit family in a couple weeks.
I guess some of these felines 
may be taking a road trip with us to Charlottsville.

I have also made a few other calls for help...
addressing some other areas in my life that need some attention.

Picking up that 3 ton telephone 
and asking for help is not something that I am very good at.

There is more change on the horizon...
which makes me 
VERY uncomfortable.

My health has not been so good lately.
So, I am having to make some changes in my life that put 
ME and my needs
at the top of the priority list.
Not something I have a lot of experience in.
And I have to tell you...
if you do not have a support system...
or your family on the same page
it can make it even more difficult.
I started in this direction several years ago and I made considerable progress
but somewhere along the way...
I stumbled and it has been difficult to get back on track.

But I have been given the "gift of desperation"
I am taking baby steps... 
I will get there...
One day.

An Old Door Opens

After delegating some of my workload over to Mary and Bill.
It took some time for it to really stick.
But I think that I have actually done Bill a favor...
we have struggled for the last few years and I think he has felt somewhat emasculated...
But with his new responsibilities
he has more purpose.
Lucky for me...
this means he feels more creative!

So, day before yesterday with a smile...
he comes in the house and said...
"Look at the idea I had!"
What a good idea it was... it sure makes this old door easier to open and close now.

7th Grade

 I have begun ordering some of our books for next year.
We will be adding Geography this year to the existing History curriculum as well as a Daily Handwriting Practice.


 It is the small pleasures in life...
Mary was so excited when she saw some of the supplies I picked up for her.

Let's hope she stays this excited with her new school year.

Everything Needs a Place

 All it needs now are some labels.

Move Over

I put the Kitchen Aid away and put this Juicer in it's place.

Like I said "Baby Steps"!
Let's see how long it takes me to use it?

Bread Machine

 Time to put this away too...

carbohydrates are NOT my friends!
Not even the whole grain ones.

I need to stop putting toxic food into my body...
Most of the medications and vitamins I am on 
are not working for me.
I need to take drastic measures to get drastic results.
seems so basic...
but for me
I become overwhelmed and make poor choices.

Ultimately I would like to only put natural, organic, unprocessed food into my body and the bodies of my family.
But in this day and age...
and the habits I have created for myself...
 this is a lot easier said than done.
Our sandy garden is not growing enough veggies to sustain my health needs.
And our busy schedule makes it too easy to 
 "I am tired.  Let's pick up some pies from Little Ceasar's."
or open a can of something
or boil pasta.

Baby Steps!!!!

Let There Be Light

 Another creative piece by my talented husband.
A bedside table lamp.
It needs a new on/off switch
then oiled and cleaned up some... 
 Keep your eyes peeled.
It will soon be for sale on my Etsy site.

The Newest Patches

I continue patching this skirt out of necessity because the more I wash it the more it unravels!
So in my mind...
what I see is an old pair of blue jeans!
But, whenever I wear it I get lots of compliments.
This old pair of jeans is constantly evolving...
as am I!

 Susan and Kathy,
thanks for the kick in the pants!

It was just what the doctor ordered.


Susan said...

As you would say.... SHAZAM!!! That was worth the wait!! These last couple days I have been having the same sort of thoughts on my health after my Dr. visit Friday. I am with you.. baby steps is the only way for me too. It will all work out, things always do somehow!! Thanks for the awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so honest..and its not easy..Take one day at a time and baby steps..There are alot of changes each day in your life right now..But you do need time for YOU..and I am here for you, I miss you guys so much..You really are doing more than you are giving yourself credit for..You had me crying.Enjoy your vacation...Thank you for your blog...Love you,Kathy Baum

Robin McCullough said...

I love you Debbie,
So happy to see your blog and all the pictures. I am sure you wept as you wrote it as we all have that have read it. Remember You ARE LOVED, you ARE SAFE, you ARE WORTHY. Need I say more soul sista? I don't know what my life would be without you to hold my hand or pick up the phone. Baby steps , baby steps...keep stepping home to me . I love you.

Debbie Marchitelli said...

Thanks you guys! Ya'll are making me cry more than when I wrote this post!

Anonymous said...

Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is fantastic, as well as the content!